10 animals who just can’t be dealing with your fitness plan

Keeping fit is hard work isn’t it? Don’t worry if you’re not feeling it though. You’re not the only one who has no interest in witnessing the fitness – just look at the good company you’re in…

This cat who is exhausted just thinking about it:

This dog who just needs a bit of a push:

Dog being pushed

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This dog who does not want to play frisbee:

dog ignoring frisbee

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This dog who gave in to temptation:

Dog with mouthful of treats

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This cat who doesn’t care how much fuss you make:

This pooch who thinks that using legs is for losers:

Dog slide

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This dog who just wants an easy life:

Dog eating snacks

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This cat who is just going to rest here for a bit:

This dog who is perfectly happy where he is, thank you very much:

And finally, this dog who is going back to bed til Spring:

Dog going back to bed

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