10 Superfoods You Need to Try This Year

Let’s face it, most foods are good for you – in the right amounts of course, but there is one group of foods with super-duper nutritional properties, aptly named ‘Superfoods’. Clever thinking that! And even better, they keep discovering more and the list keeps on growing.

So, whether you’re someone who follows the latest health food fads, you’re hot in pursuit of a new you for the New Year or just fancy trying something different, read on to find out more!


1. Move over Kale! Kelp is our Friend!

Yes! That’s right, Seaweed is the next big thing! It’s nutrient rich and has been steadily gaining recognition for its superfood properties which include high levels of iodine – great for our thyroid and pituitary function, and thus helping to regulate that naughty little ‘ism’ we would all like a bit more control of – our metabolism. Find it in Japanese restaurants or sushi bars and Asian supermarkets.



2. Mushrooms are magic!

Yep! The humble mushroom is packed with goodness including high levels of vitamin D and B vitamins, which provide