Back to School

It’s that time again… Back to School Shopping!

The summer holidays have somehow managed to whizz by and September is just around the corner, bringing with it the obligation we’ve all been trying to avoid… back to school shopping!

That’s right, the shopping trip both parents and children cringe at the thought of!

But this year we’re here to make sure you’re ahead of the game. We know exactly where you can get the essentials for your family – the shirts, the trousers, the skirts, the jumpers and most importantly the socks. Next’s stain stopping Teflon coated uniforms are the perfect go-to buy if your little ones are prone to enjoying the playground a little too much.  Also, this summer Pep & Co have exclusive back to school offers on everything your family is going to need when they return this September! 

But once you’ve got the uniform essentials, what’s next?

Crafted to care for little feet. From playtime to hometime. #ClarksKids

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Shoes, shoes, shoes…

Who doesn’t love shoes? Even if they’re school shoes! Smart, stylish, and sturdy… our stores have got a range of different designs and sizes that will appeal to even the most selective member of your brood. Pop over to Clarks, JD, FootAsylum, New Look, and New Look Men to name a few, and find the perfect fit for September. 

Bagging it up…

The School Bag – arguably the most important part of the uniform for any student. It’s the one accessory where they have any lee-way with expressing their style and personality. So getting it right is important. And we’re here to help with your hunt for the ideal school bag. Because not only do these bags have to look the part, they also have to last. So we’ve compiled a list of the best places to visit on your hunt. With bags and backpacks of all shapes and sizes, why not wander over to River Island and New Look and have a look at what they have on offer. Stylish and robust, we’re sure you’ll find a school bag you both can agree on. 

Winter is coming…

Which means it’s time to start wrapping up and getting those winter coats in ASAP! Whether it’s to protect them against those pesky Autumnal showers, the wintery October frost in the mornings, or the oncoming December chill, we’re here to help you find the perfect coat for your little ones and your not so little ones.  New Look, Next, and JD are a few of the many stores that have an extensive collection of outerwear that are more than school appropriate, so go on… have a cheeky look.


Don’t forget… they’re going to need something to write with!

Whether their workbooks are going to be full of notes or cheeky doodles, either way they’re going to need something to write with and on! Head on over to Smiggle to find stationary your little ones will be simply itching to scribble down all their creative ideas in!