Beat those back to work blues

Heading into work after a little time off can be a test of dedication at the best of times, never mind when, just a few days ago you were riding high on the frivolities of the festive season. But fear not – Market Place is brimming with the perfect antidote for those back to work blues. Food.

Ok, we get it, you’re determined to stick to your #NewYearNewYou health kick – that’s okay! There’s always the healthy option. Whether go for Prezzo’s Pizza Light at 600 calories or less or Pasta Light at 650 calories or less – both served with a side salad (because nothing says ‘healthy lunch’ like lashings of leaves) or Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s delicious salads – loaded with yummy seasonal ingredients – we’ll keep you right on track.

If you’re in the mood for a cheeky Nando’s but already feel the guilt creeping in, why not opt for healthier sides or go the whole hog and put their salad menu to the test? From their Supergrain Salad packed with grains, greens, beans and avocado chunks to supercharge your body and brain, to a flavoursome Mediterranean Salad laden with sweet baby plum tomatoes, cucumber, spicy mixed olives, feta and semi-dried PERi to fire up those little grey cells.

If however you’ve entered 2018 with a slightly more care-free attitude towards your nourishment, then perhaps we can tempt you with a truly indulgent freak shake from Creams? Nothing like an ice cream, cupcake, macaron fix to set you up for the year ahead. Or if you’re thinking of something on the savoury side, then there’s not much a Carrs pasty can’t sort.