Calling in on Dan at Carphone Warehouse

We love getting to know our retailers at Market Place as we probe them for all the goss on what a typical ‘day-in-the-life’ is like for them in store. This week got straight on the blower to arrange a catch up with Dan from Carphone Warehouse to talk celeb-spotting, checking out Bolton’s history and playing the legendary Nokia game, ‘Snake’…


What’s your role at Carphone Warehouse?

I’m the Branch Manager.


How did you get the job?

It was an internal transfer and promotion via our direct recruitment website.


What’s it like working at the Market Place store?

I worked in an airport store for the last 15 years, so it’s fantastic to have so much light and beautiful architecture every day. The people are fantastic, both customers and colleagues and Bolton is a lovely place to come to each day.


Tell us about a typical day in the Market Place store.

I start in the morning by preparing the store to trade, changing prices and briefing my colleagues on deals and the needs of the business. My main role during the day is to support the guys on the floor, solving issues, paperwork and interacting with customers. The evening is the wind-down, cleaning and preparing for the store to close.


What’s your favourite part of the day? 

I love the busy periods on a Saturday. When there are loads of customers who need help and the adrenaline is pumping, you need to be in five places at once and have to remember the detail