Catching up with Aron from The Bank Restaurant

Have you heard? The Bank Restaurant is coming to The Vaults in April 2017, and we can’t wait to get stuck in! To get a flavour of the new arrival, we talk to the man behind the name – Aron Sloly…


What is your job role?

I am the director of The Bank Restaurant, so I will be coordinating the restaurant and its day to day running.


What is The Bank?

The Bank is a casual dining experience, focusing on great food, cold beers, hot coffees, cheeky wines and good times!


What is your favourite meal or drink?

My favourite meal is a quality steak, cooked rare! And a nice glass of Malbec…


What is your typical day like?

In this industry, you can never tell how the day will evolve… There’s always something to do, but it’s best when it’s busy. Hopefully down at The Vaults we will be busy all the time!


What is the most fun part of your job?

It’s got to be all about our customers. I genuinely get a buzz from seeing our customers enjoy themselves – I know that sounds clichéd, but it’s true. If you don’t like people then really you need a different career. I love meeting new and existing customers, and over time they become more than customers, they become friends. That’s what it’s all about. Dining out should be a relaxed, enjoyable affair and I enjoy providing that!


Is there anything you dislike?

1000’s of things! The wife calls me Victor Meldrew… That probably says it all!


Will there be any offers/promotions available in the coming weeks?

We will be offering special student discounts on Mondays. Everything else will be reviewed after our first month of opening…


Give me one fun fact about yourself?

I coach American Football and have been the head coach at MMU for 4 years.


Check out The Bank’s mouthwatering menu!