Catching up with life at Carrs: Ann Roberts

With our favourite Pasty makers celebrating 79 years of providing us with Bolton’s finest Pasties this year, we thought it only right that we introduce their newly opened store at Market Place… and none other than their singing store manager, Ann Roberts to give you the lowdown on life at Carrs…


What is it like working as a Shop Manager for Carrs Pasties?

Working for Carrs Pasties is like working with your own family. All employees are treated with respect and Carrs appreciate every single person. It’s like one big happy family and I don’t know of any other firm that is as caring as the Carr family.


What are you responsible for?

I look after the overall running of the shop on a day to day basis. This means I am responsible for the performance of my team, their welfare and pastoral issues. I look to identify natural talents within the team and increase their skill set with training and mentoring in order to improve morale and engagement.

I’m also an independent decision maker – sometimes making them on the spot and contribute to the direction of the business at meetings with the Directors.
Lastly, but by no means least – I maintain a high level of customer service and keep a very clean and hygienic shop.


What is a typical day at Carrs?

My day starts early – at 7am! I start by prepping the food stock needed for the day – taking the morning’s delivery from our driver, helped by my great team. We then open the shop at 8am – ready for everyone on their way to work.

Behind the scenes I organize the work rota for staff, monitor stock levels and order any required replenishments. I conduct all the food hygiene checks, such as maintaining the temperatures of all fridges and freezers and make sure Pies and Pasties are cooked to the required standard.

As the day goes on, I keep an eye on all displays – making sure they are correct and inviting to customers and replenishing them as required. I’m very hands on and like to encourage staff and be present to answer any queries from the public. Keeping our customers satisfied is top priority at all times.

The afternoon is taken up with cleaning and serving until 5.30pm, when we shut the shop and I’m responsible for the cash and the security.


 What is the most fun part of your job?

I love to have a good laugh with staff and especially our customers – whom I have come to know very well over my last 20 years with the company.


Is there anything you dislike?

I really dislike having an unhappy customer and worse still, not being able to satisfy their needs.


Will there be any offers available in the coming weeks?

Yes! We are going to be giving local businesses free samples and encouraging them to buy over twelve items for their staff as the price is considerably cheaper – giving them a great saving.


What is your favorite Pasty?

The meat and potato – it’s the original and never changes.


Give me one fun fact about yourself?

I am Irish and talk a lot of blarney and often sing for our customers. I just love to entertain!