Dine with Santa

Remember the anticipation? The excitement? The pure glee?  The countdown to Christmas day and wishing, hoping, praying that dear old Santa had received that letter your parents had somehow persuaded you to put on the roaring fire? (on the understanding that somehow your burnt up letter would magic it’s way to the North Pole of course)… Or if you were really lucky and had half a chance of it getting there, they’d at least take you to the post box at the end of the road – albeit the day before Christmas Eve…

Well thankfully times changed and before long we actually got to meet the man himself and tell him what we wished for – well in advance of the big day.

And now Market Place has gone one step further and persuaded our old mate Santa to pop in on selected dates throughout December and join us for breakfast and tea. Here your little one will have the chance to dine with the man in red, get a present, enjoy entertainment from a visiting magician and (obviously) ask the main man any pressing questions over a relaxed meal and drink…

Just pop to the Management Suite on the Third Floor to book your child’s seat for just £6.


Date’s still available to Dine with Santa:


For breakfast at Debenhams, 9-10am

Saturday 17th Dec


For breakfast at Costa, 9.30-10.30am

Sunday 18th Dec


For tea at Debenhams, 5-6pm

Thursday 15th Dec