Go to infinity and beyond!

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st July

Between 11am – 4pm


Join us for a weekend of FREE intergalactic adventure for all the family as we explore the wonders of the universe in our first ever space spectacular!


Bring your wannabe cosmonauts to enroll at our Astronaut Academy, where they will be assigned their astronaut ID and climb into an awesome space suit with helmet! They will be put through their paces and have their interstellar skills and knowledge expanded and tested with games of ‘pass the planet’, Saturn ring hoopla and black hole bingo, plus the chance to enjoy a solar system search quiz, lost in space rocket riding and moonwalk tests.


On completion of their rigorous training, they will be awarded a certificate of completion as well as some well-earned ‘Magic Stars’ or a ‘Milky Way’ as a reward.


Wannabe astronauts of all ages (yes, including you Mum and Dad!) can then don their space suits and pose for selfies with a range of props including inflatable planets and aliens, plus jump into the rocket ship cockpit, for the ultimate photo opportunity!


Come and experience the wonders of the universe in our spectacular, fully immersive planetarium.

It’s guaranteed to be out-of-this-world fun!