Ewa, Company Director at Fru-go

Fru-go is Market Place’s go-to spot for delicious freshly-made smoothies, so we wanted to find out what goes into running this juicy, little smoothie joint. Here we meet the manager, Ewa, to talk fruity flavours and her favourite things in Bolton.


What’s your role at Fru-go?

I’m the Company Director and Smoothie Bar Manager.


How did you get the job?

The easiest possible way… Me and my husband own the business together!


How did you come up with the name?

‘Fru-go’ is from ‘fruits-to-go’ – all your favourite fruits blended together in one smoothie cup.


What’s a typical day-in-the-life like?

Very busy! We arrive at the bar just before 9am, stock up the fridge and freezers and set the bar up for the whole day. We prepare the fruit, check the displays and make sure everything is ready so that we can serve our customers quickly and with the highest quality products. We finish around 6.15pm and make sure all the cleaning is done!


What’s your favourite juice or smoothie on the menu?

Peach Pleasure – it’s a refreshing smoothie made of peaches, banana, passionfruit, orange juice and fat-free frozen yoghurt.


Have you ever served someone famous?

Not yet…!


What’s the best thing about working at Market Place?

Meeting new people and working with the wonderful Market Place staff.


What’s the strangest fruit you’ve ever eaten?

Probably a dragon fruit!


If someone was visiting Bolton and had never been before, what would you recommend they see and do?

First of all, visit our Fru-go smoothie bar and find a new favourite smoothie!! We love spending time in Moses Gate Country Park with our kids – feeding the ducks and swans, and just walking around the ponds. 


Have Fru-go got any offers you want to let people know about?

Every day we have our ‘Smoothie of the Day’ offer for just £1.99. We also do ‘Happy Hour’ between 10.30am-12.00pm, Monday to Friday, where customers can enjoy large smoothies for the price of medium – so just £2.85.


Describe yourself in three words…

Sociable, hardworking and friendly!