Get Lean for ‘17

We don’t know about you but, it’s only the end of week two of the brand New Year and already our halos are starting to slip… y’know… that early morning run is starting to turn into a lunch time walk – to the sandwich shop and back… and that healthy diet is being (un)balanced by all that chocolate left over from Christmas celebrations… well here we are, to give you… (and ourselves) a few tips for staying on the straight and narrow…


Look the business

Let’s face it, we’re not exactly taking it seriously if we turn up to the gym with a pair of old trackies and scruffy tee. And besides, if you look good, you feel good too – right? Seems our fashion faves are thinking the same thing…

Put your best foot forward

Nothing gives you a spring in your step like a brand new pair of trainers – We’re loving the latest collections at JD.

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Get motivated

It’s not just on Mondays that we could do with that #MondayMotivation… and we all like an inspiring quote to get us through the day, so if our water bottle is screaming at us t