Get the lowdown: Great Ale

If you’re a regular at Market Place you’ve probably ventured down to The Vaults to sample its delights already – maybe stopping for a cheeky Nando’s, a tasty GBK or a relaxing Prezzo… you might have even stopped for a quick brew in our fabulous bar, Great Ale at The Vaults. But have you ever wondered who they are and where they have sprung up from? Read on to find out…


Describe Great Ale to us?

We are a Micro Bar selling a wide range of real ales, lagers, craft ales, beers and ciders from all over the world – we also have a great wine list including Champagne, Prosecco and cocktails. Plus we sell Prosecco, craft ales and lagers on tap.

We pride ourselves on selling unusual drinks that you can’t buy in any regular bar/pub – this is what sets us apart. We’re always updating our craft ales which means there is something different for our regulars to try every time they come in. We’re also introducing new cocktails to our menu all the time.


What is your most popular drink?

Our most popular drink is our own ale made with Aussie hops and brewed just down the road in Bury. I am an Australian native so it was important for me to bring some of my Aussie heritage to the Great Ale brand. Our customers also love the Beavertown ales inspired by brews across the world – Logan Plant created the Beavertown brand (and just happens to be the son of Robert Plant…..yes the lead singer of Led Zeppelin!). So it’s a pretty Rock and Roll drink.

The ladies also love our Prosecco on tap – in fact we were one of the first places in the region to offer Prosecco on tap.


Why did you open a bar at Market Place?

Market Place approached us when they were initially planning on redeveloping ‘The Vaults’ where they used to have the old markets in Bolton. We went and had a look and loved the space and got really excited about the redevelopment. What they have achieved with this once wasted space is amazing and it’s now providing a much needed night-time economy to Bolton with other restaurants including Prezzo, Nando’s and GBK.

We have another bar in Bolton called Great Ale at the Market which is Bolton Camra’s pub of the year and pub of the season (we are pretty proud of this). We thought it was a great idea to build on the reputation and success we have achieved.


What’s the inspiration/style behind the bar?

Well it’s an old Victorian building with vaulted ceilings that has been brought back to its original state, so the bar is in keeping with the building. We’ve gone for a very rustic feel even putting in a rusty corrugated tin roof and recycled old furniture. The bar

has been reclaimed from parts of the old building and everything we have in there has some connection with the past. The floor comes from a 150-year old building in Bolton. The bar looks like it could have been there forever, so the inspiration for the bar was from the actual ‘vaults’ itself.


How do you think the people of Bolton are changing?

The people of Bolton appreciate the finer things in life and want to go out somewhere special, where they can comfortably spend time with family and friends. We have a really buzzing atmosphere that people love – the word is really spreading that we offer something totally unique to Bolton.


Busiest time of day?

Saturday from 1 – 6pm is definitely our busiest time. Sundays are also getting a lot busier!