Giving back never felt so good

We’re all guilty of it – every spring we have a good old closet clear out, bag it all up and leave it in the street for the bin men to take… Or we just leave it in the corner of our rooms to gather dust. But did you know, 95% of what we are throwing out can be used again? And what we are throwing away ends up in piles at land fill sites – Just imagine what this is doing to our environment!

Well, drum roll please…H&M have come up with a resourceful new eco-friendly way to help decrease the issue of clothes and textiles wastage. H&M CONSCIOUS.

So next time you are having a spring clean of your wardrobe, pop in to H&M at Market Place. Their friendly staff will take your unwanted garments or textiles off your hands – and yes they can be from any brand, in any condition! They will then be sorted at the nearest processing plant where they will be turned into raw materials and new products. How cool is that?!

Oh, and did we mention that for every bag of textiles you hand in, you receive a voucher with a £5 discount off your next purchase? It’s just their little way of saying thank you!