Kick Start Smoothies

Blenders at the ready! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite flavoursome combinations, which are packed full of antioxidants to make sure that you’re feeling fine inside and out. Treat yourself to a nutritious and delicious glass-full to kick-start each day, as part of a healthy breakfast (or weekend brunch).



Spinach is a superfood saviour, which is exceptionally low in fat and cholesterol. The leafy goodness is available all year round for you to enjoy increased energy and vitality, with a generous dose of Vitamins A, K and C, as well as folic acid. You have Popeye’s seal of approval on this one.

Grapes are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins and boast a very low GI – which means you’ll get some sweet satisfaction, without reaching for the left over chocolates from Christmas. With a fat percentage of zero and calories not worth counting, grapes should be a go to choice for a flavoursome healthy snack. Opt for the green seedless variety – it’ll save any surprising crunches when you are gulping your smoothie goodness.

In the last couple of years, the world has gone absolutely coconuts. With proven benefits of high fibre content, rich in vitamins C, E and most of the B’s and copious amounts of yum, coconut has been a hit in the health industry and we’ve been using and consuming coconut milk, oil and water for various nutritional (and beauty) tricks.

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Scientifically proven to reduce the risk of diseases and an amazing source of minerals, that we are all surprisingly malnourished in, kale is the king of greens. We admit, kale has an acquired taste to it – but once mixed amongst the other ingredients, you’ll be able to reap the benefits without the potent punch.

Banish those bloated days with the help of pineapple’s fast reacting enzymes, which actively help you digest with ease. The pineapple portion of this recipe adds some sweetness, to fend off any sugar cravings later on in the day. Plus, pineapple is thought to give you better, beautiful skin. Bonus!

As one of our favourites, blueberries are the key to our healthy hearts – literally! It’s believed that the chemicals we absorb from eating blueberries (and strawberries) regularly can help to improve the health and strength of our hearts.

If you’re looking for a flat-belly fix, opt for a 0% fat Greek Yoghurt over full-fat alternatives. Unlike many types of yoghurt, Greek Yoghurt provides more calcium and protein, without the extra added sugar and fat content. For even more tastiness, use a vanilla flavoured option.

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AvocadoAlthough high in fat, avocado provides you with the right kind of fat (unsaturated) that a healthy body needs. The potassium levels rival even the mighty bananas and have many of the all-important amino acids. Avocados improve your skin, hair, nails, teeth, bones and immunity!

Bananas boost your alertness and mood – therefore this makes the perfect ingredient to consume once you wake from your beauty slumber. If you find that you’re partial to an in-between meal binge, bananas are proven to release bursts of energy, so you can rest assured that you’ll feel fine and full for much longer.

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