Top Travel Tips 2017

This month, travel agents will generally be swamped with customers seeking salvation from the long, dark and cold days, and we’re absolutely riddled with wanderlust of exotic islands faraway. You might be planning a getaway, but are you in the know when it comes to the tips and tricks of saving money as you travel the world? Let us fill you in…


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The only time that we don’t mind our alarms blaring at us at 6am (or before) is when it’s holiday time. Something to bare in mind when holiday hunting, particularly during peak season, is that the horrendously early flights are in fact the cheapest of all. This is it! Zero more sleeps, rise and shine!



Whether you’ve dedicated some down-time to searching for the ideal escape, or you’re internally screaming “please get me out of here!” while you frantically scroll through on your boss’s watch, researching your next break is important. For those of us who surf the internet for the best deals before committing to a destination departure, we have a big lesson to learn.

With the wonders of modern technology, holiday sites are able to track your every move and search. As you leak your hopes and dreams of hopping aboard a flight to The Caribbean into the internet, the host is bumping up the prices. Save yourself a pricey packet and switch your browser to private, pronto.



We all want to travel the world. With so much to see and do, we’ve pretty much all got bucket lists of faraway adventures we’re yet to save up for. Now, if you’re no stranger to taking off, you’ll know that at certain times of the year or weekend flights come at a hefty fine.

Use a site like SkyScanner to see the best and worst times to travel. You can even sign up to receive news on the flight times that you’re monitoring – so you’ll get that fist-pump feeling when your phone buzzes to let you know that your flights to Costa Rica are finally affordable. If you’ve got itchy feet and don’t care where you’re off to as long as it’s cheap, this site was made for you. Use the ‘everywhere’ search option to see when the next cheapest flight outta here is.


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Hate the idea of the hustle and bustle of tourist attractions? Is sipping on a cold cerveza in the main plaza ruined by the hordes of sightseers? Although it’s great to meet fellow travellers while exploring a new place, we totally get that the experience can be tainted by too many tourists and not enough locals. It’s true, the residents flee the area when peak season comes around in a lot of holiday hot-spots.

If you’re looking for real-life culture, jump aboard a flight in the low season. Sure, you might not quite get a sun blasting, but you will meet the locals and get see what life’s really like in the city you’re visiting.



Whether you’re on board or not with staying in the comforts of somebody else’s home, the revolution that is Airbnb is changing modern travel and the unusual lodging site is giving hotels some fierce competition. If you’re looking to get a taste of a big city, Airbnb might just be the way to go with about 550,000 rooms and apartments to rent out for your stay – think of the service as a classier version of couch surfing.


Bon Voyage, happy holidays!