Little Corner of the Universe

Looking to get a bit of art and culture in your life? Check out ‘Little Corner of the Universe’ now open at Neo:gallery27.

Taking inspiration from Hindu mythology and the beauty of nature, Bolton artist Rama Jana has created this solo exhibition featuring a series of dramatic pen and ink drawings of marshland, trees and wild grasses. These are also complimented by larger colourful artworks created using the traditional Indian technique of alpona, which involves marking out an intricate design using rice or beads – often used as decoration during Hindu festivals.

During the exhibition, visitors will be able to watch Rama working on one of her alpona creations – an experience that is sure to leave you completely mesmerised.

The exhibition, curated by mother and daughter team Lucie and Eleanor Wilson runs from 11am until 5pm Thursday to Sunday until 26th June and is completely FREE to enjoy, so there’s plenty of time to watch Rama’s latest masterpiece evolve.