Lyndsey, Manager at The Bank

We love getting to know our retailers at Market Place and finding out what a typical ‘day-in-the-life’ is like for them – so, here we caught up with Lyndsey, Manager at The Bank, to discuss meeting Peter Kay and trying to sing like a Disney Princess! 

What’s your role at The Bank? 

I’m the owner, so I oversee everything that we do at the restaurant. 

And how did you get your job at The Bank? 

My husband and I started up the restaurant in February 2015 – we turned what was a hairdressing salon into a restaurant! 

How did you come up with the restaurant’s name, ‘The Bank’? 

The name came about because our original hairdressing salon actually used to be a TSB bank years ago. 

Describe a typical ‘day-in-the-life’… 

We arrive at 10am to set up the restaurant and make sure all the tables are clean, and that the cutlery and glasses are polished. Then the kitchen starts up – we have to make sure we’re ready for service, as all our food is homemade. 

What’s the best part of your day? 

The best part is seeing some regular faces that have supported us since the beginning and continue to do so. We also love welcoming new faces and making new friends! 

Favourite item on the menu? 

Definitely the chicken breast with our homemade chips! 

Have you ever had a famous person in The Bank? 

No, not yet, but we did meet Peter Kay outside our old Café once. 

You make homemade ice cream – how did you get started and what’s your favourite flavour? 

To be honest, it was by accident really. I was just experimenting with different things and I tried to make some ice cream without a machine – it worked and tasted delicious! My favourite is the margarita, like the cocktail. I also love the lime, Cointreau and tequila! 

The Bank’s mission statement states that you want your guests to find joy in the choice of music you play – who or what are your favourite singers, bands, or types of music? 

We love anything from the 60s through to the 80s, especially the more funk and soul sounds! And there’s usually some motown and Northern soul too. 

If someone was visiting Bolton for the first time and had a whole day to spare, what things would you recommend they see and do? 

Definitely the museum as our history is fantastic! Also a visit to Jumbles Country Park is a must – in Bolton we’re lucky to have both the town and the countryside so close together. 

Have you got any offers coming up at The Bank that you want to let people know about? 

We’ve just started our Thirsty Thursdays with 2-4-1 on all drinks between 5pm and 8pm, as well as live music every weekend! There are lots more things in the pipeline too… 

Finally, give us one fun fact about yourself? 

When I’m with my sister we love to sing songs from all the Disney Princess films, but not very well unfortunately, haha!