Market Place on TV

Eagle eyed viewers might have spotted the one and only Market Place on the brand new Barclaycard commercial, which first aired on Saturday night, during the Britain’s Got Talent final.

The ad is part of a month of activity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of Barclaycard as the UK’s first credit card in 1966, and reflects on the impact it has had on British society and it’s shopping habits. Featuring both local shoppers and shopkeepers, it does so through the lens of ‘Great British shopping’.

Opening with Napoleon’s famous quote that ‘Britain is a nation of shopkeepers’, it features a set of wry insights into our quirky shopping habits and styles as a nation, from bargain hunters to ‘umm-ers and ahh-ers’. One scene includes a rain machine drenching hordes of extras queuing outside Market Place, bringing-to-life the fact that that the British weather never seems to deter the nation’s shoppers from the high street – especially during a sale.

In total, 17 locations and 120 extras were used as part of the shoot which lasted four days. Local Barclaycard retailers feature within the national TV advert, including Sital Raj-Arman, MBE, owner of House of Raja in Bolton and the owner of Randalls, a jewellery shop based in Altrincham.

We don’t know about you but we were beyond excited when we got the call to say that Market Place had been chosen as a location and we’ve been bursting to tell you ever since, so we were absolutely glued to our screens for the BGT finals – not even daring to go boil the kettle during the ad break for fear of missing it!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is in all its glory…