Meet the Management – Philip Thompson

What is your job role?

Assistant manager.


What is it like working for The Bank?

It’s a faced paced environment, crazy busy at weekends, which my feet don’t always appreciate but the camaraderie between the team and smiles on customers faces is worth the pain.


How long have you worked in this industry?

I’m relatively new to the bank but have been in the industry for 10 years.


What are you responsible for?

Over seeing the team as well as being part of it. Customer service and general management of day to day operations.


What is your typical day like?

Although I come to the same place of work each day, no day is the same. We strive to constantly meet customers expectations and preferences. Managing staff is always challenging but luckily we have molded a great team here at The Bank.


Is there anything you dislike about your job?

Sore feet!!


What is the most popular main course dish at The Bank?

My personal favourite is the lobster tail. It melts in your mouth! I’m hungry just thinking about it.


Will there be any offers available in the coming weeks?

We have offers on all week from all you can eat ribs & chicken tenders on Mondays to unlimited prosecco on Fridays there’s something for everyone. Follow us on Facebook for our ongoing offers and exciting changes.


Can you give me one fun fact about yourself?

I was in the military and served 2 active duties. When I was in Iraq I had fallen asleep after a 72 hr sleepless patrol and my comrades thought it would be funny to fill my sleeping bag with dead camel spiders and huge flying beetles with pincers like something from a horror movie. They took great pleasure in hearing me scream. Still shiver at the thought of them. Arrrgghh!