Meet the manager – Carrs Pasties

What is your job role?
Shop Manager.

What is it like working for Carrs Pasties?I
t’s being made feel part of the family that is so wonderful. They are very kind, generous and supportive.

How long have you worked in this industry?
21 years and I worked for Carrs in the eighties for 3 years.

What are you responsible for?
The smooth running of the shop. The welfare of the staff, keeping a happy team. And keeping the customer satisfied. The cashing up and security, and most of all to make sure the shop is safe for staff and the public.

What is your typical day like?
I arrive at work at 7am to open the shop for 8am. Then switch everything on and prepare foods for the day. Check all the stock and temperatures. Delegate certain tasks to the staff. Serve customers,  handle monies and keep check on the tills. Maintain a high standard of service and of the condition of the food we sell. Help staff with any enquires or problems. Organise staff rotas and plan ahead.  All staff and myself clean the entire shop. Shop shuts at 5pm.

What is the most fun part of your job?
Keeping the customers happy and satisfied. Having a good laugh with the staff and customers and singing a happy tune.

Is there anything you dislike?
I dislike quiet days, for example at the beginning of the week there is not as many people around and it’s not easy to get them through our doors. We’re working on that problem. Also when the Carr family are very occasionally accused of being profiteers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Carr family are more than generous to their staff and public.

What is your favourite pasty?
I would always have said meat and potato, but the new cheese and jalapeno is a great contender.

What is the most popular pasty at Carrs Pasties?
The meat and potato pasty.

Does Bolton or Cornwall produce the best pasties?
Bolton, of course. Carrs Pasties use only the best of ingredients from local sources. The pastry is very light and thin, and all products are filled with pride.

Why do you think Boltonians love pasties so much?
The reason for that is, the pasty is easy to consume when you’re on a quick lunch and on the go. There is no waste and the wonderful no nonsense taste is exceptional. The recipe  hasn’t changed in 80 years. Also, the public love them at functions and parties that we deliver to all around the Bolton area and further afield.

Will there be any offers available in the coming weeks?
There will not be any offers at the moment, but we are trying new sandwich fillings, for example, corned beef and piccalilli which seems to be going down well with our customers.

What is the secret to Carrs Pasties success?
The secret is quite simply great customer service and the Carrs family values which are:  Do The Right Thing, Fill Everything with Pride and Work as a Family.