Meet the Manager: Gemma Molyneux, Cake and Decorate

This week we’re catching up with cake connoisseur and owner / manager of one of our newest stores – Gemma from Cake and Decorate, to get the inside story on running your own business and of course, all things cake…


What is your job role?

I am the Owner/Manager at Cake and Decorate


What is it like running Cake and Decorate?

It’s great, it’s a job I love but being self-employed can be difficult at times. You need to put in 100% all the time, but with the help from my Mum, we make it work. 


What are you responsible for?

Firstly I’m responsible for making the celebration cakes, taking orders and selling sugar craft. I’m a professional cake maker so I’m here to help anyone needing advice on sugar craft. I’ve also tried most cake making and decorating products so I can pass that knowledge on to the customer. 

My Mum and I also make cakes for customers to either sit and enjoy in our shop with a hot drink or to take away to enjoy at home .


What is your typical day like?

A typical day will include baking fresh cakes to sell for the café, starting on celebration cakes that have been ordered and taking new orders for celebration cakes. I’ll give my Mum a hand serving cakes and hot drinks if it gets busy.


What is the most fun part of your job?

I love designing celebration cakes and bringing them to life. I’ve had many happy customers with my cakes and it makes all the hard work worthwhile.


Is there anything you dislike?

There’s nothing I really dislike about job. I’m doing what I enjoy.


What is your favorite flavour combination in a cake?

My favourite cake flavour would be chocolate and peanut butter…My mum’s chocolate and peanut butter cake to be precise 🙂


Will there be any offers available in the coming weeks?

I’m hoping to have a few special offers going in the next few weeks on Facebook and other social media. What they are? … Well watch this space! 


Give me one fun fact about yourself?

I really can’t think of anything….! I’ll have to think about that.