Meet The Manager – Paula Moore

Have you ever wondered what it’s like working behind the scenes of one of the UK’s best loved retailers of fashion, home and beauty? We meet Paula Moore to discover the day-to-day reality of her role and what she loves best about working at Debenhams, Market Place…


  • What is your job role? 

Store Manager


  • What is it like working for Debenhams? 

Debenhams is a friendly, supportive and dynamic place to work. Every day is different and the challenges are rewarding. 


  • What is your favourite part of the day? 

Speaking with staff in store. I love walking around the store and listening to staff get excited and passionate for our products and what they are doing that day. I enjoy listening to and getting to know them, and creating fun energy in the store.


  • What is your typical day like?

 I come in, walk the floor and look for opportunities. I analyse the data and have a morning meeting with the team. Depending on the day I am either walking the floor planning activity or working on the store’s strategy.


  • Is there anything you dislike? 

No, I love my job – even the challenging days are rewarding and every day I learn from my business/colleagues and partners. 


  • Will there be any offers/promotions available in the coming weeks? 

Over Easter we have up to half price Easter eggs and our Blue X sale launches this week.


  • Give me one fun fact about yourself?

 I am training to walk up Snowdon this September so I make sure I am always taking the stairs and not being lazy using lifts and escalators!