Gifts For ‘The Day Of Mum’

Let’s face it – Mums put up with a lot. From the terrible twos, through to the stroppy teens and even right into adulthood, we’re always pulling her strings in one way or another and yet, she’s always there when we need her.  And yet we’re not all that hot on showing her how much we appreciate her. So, put Sunday 26th March in your diary, because it is officially ‘The Day Of Mum’ and here we hope to help you get her present nailed.



She’s the sort of mum whose wardrobe is yours and yours is hers. She’s that stylish older sister you never had and while your wardrobe doors are open to hers, more often than not it’s for her to retrieve what is hers. Well now’s the time to step up to the mark and give her something from one of her favourite stores that’s hers and hers alone.

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Never one to let you down for a lift and ALWAYS there with dinner on a plate and washing laundered – selfless mum is the mother of all mums. And because she spends her whole life looking after everyone else, this Mother’s Day she deserves a real treat. Maybe a mother / daughter meal for two in The Vaults followed by a movie at The Light would do the trick?

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This mum takes pride in her appearance and has a cosmetics collection to rival yours and your mates’ put together but she loves nothing more than adding to her selection. So why not treat her to that ‘far too pricey’ lippy that she’s been lusting over in Debenhams, or a new scent from The Perfume Shop?

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She’s sort of mum who weeps at everything and treasures keepsakes from your childhood milestones, from your umbilical cord to your first tooth and a lock of hair from your first haircut – there’s a box somewhere in the house, containing them all. This Mother’s Day, why not get her something that she can treasure for the rest of her days… something that is a little more worthy of showing off to her friends – no offense to your 20 year old umbilical cord…

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