Clarks AW19 Collection

Comfort. We search for it. Strive for it. Seek it in every moment of our lives. It’s the difference between the average and the exceptional, and it fundamentally affects our quality of life. In fact, it’s essential to it.

To discover why comfort is so important to us as individuals, Clarks have teamed up with Alexander Skarsgård and Freida Pinto to explore exactly what it means to them and just how it impacts their lives.

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Crafted Boots. Built-in Comfort.

For boots that fit seamlessly into your life, think Clarks new collection. Classic and modern profiles feature built-in comfort and innovative weatherproof technologies.

Crafted, timeless design to keep you on-the-go.  Designed to fit your life, Clarks’ new women’s boots collection have got it spot on. Classic and contemporary ankle boots, expertly crafted for weather-ready comfort. 


Clarkdale Arlo:

Clarks have nailed it when it comes to ankle boots. Clarkdale Arlo, a considered, uncluttered design in a classic Chelsea boot style. Premium leather is teamed with an eco Ortholite® memory foam footbed. Visit store today to ship the range.