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New for January from Hotel Chocolat – 45% Nutmilk

All new, unbelievably vegan, 45% Nutmilk @hotelchocolat.  Five years in the making and worth every obsessive second.  Just pop into Market Place, Bolton for a complimentary taste.


What is Nutmilk chocolate?

Nutmilk is a staggeringly creamy new chocolate genre made with finely milled hazelnuts instead of milk. You won’t believe it’s vegan. And yes, that is a challenge.

Smooth and mellow, at 45% cacao, Nutmilk has all the chocolatey depth you’d expect from a Hotel Chocolat milk chocolate recipe.

Yes, we took out the dairy on purpose, but you don’t have to follow a vegan lifestyle or be trying to downsize the dairy in your diet to appreciate the taste – our chocolatiers took five years refining the recipe to make sure we created something you – and everyone – will love as much as all our house milk chocolates.

This is not a ‘dairy free from’ product as although it has no dairy ingredients, it is made in the same factory that we make our diary chocolate in.

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