Plum lips (for the darker skinned girls)

Call it our inner goth but recently we’ve gone weak at the knee for a dark lip. Some of us remember plum lips from last time round (hi there, 90s!) but this time it feels altogether more elegant, more confident… more cool. Our problem though? Getting that stuff dark enough. If you’re in any way olive skinned or darker, anything but the darkest plum shades lose their punch as soon as they get on your lips – and you’re left wondering what on earth happened to the colour in the tube.



Now normally we love a bargain lippy – nothing better for getting experimental (…and then splashing out on a £££ equivilant once you know you’ve found your new fave shade!) … but in this case, it seems like you really do get what you pay for. The colours in the tube look gorgeous… but the luscious, rich, Cadburys-purple-dialled-down-to-nearly-black shades disappear into softer pinky hues – especially on darker lips or next to skin with more yellow undertones. We can only suffer the heartbreak so many times of finding that *perfect* shade – only to see it disappear on application… We want attitude, not subtley! We want to make a statement, not a suggestion! Sigh… next.


No plum lip love to be found here :'(









We were pretty excited to hear about Urban Decay joining us soon in Debenhams, so we high-tailed it down to our nearest counter as soon as we could to see if they would give us any dark lippy joy. And, reader, we were in luck. We immediately spied a deep, dark purple crying out to us and were over the moon to see that this stuff really worked. Plus it’s Matt, leaving us with a rich, modern, look. Surely we have a winner!

Urban Decay: that’s gonna do it.



We’re not above a sneaky beauty hack to get the look we’re lusting after. So in our quest for a killer dark pout that won’t leave our wallets weeping, we started thinking outside the (beauty) box.  Upon scouring for more budget options, we noticed that whilst plenty of lipsticks and lipliners don’t go dark enough, eyeliners certainly do. Dark purples, dark browns… we tried colouring our lips in with one and then topping with a berry red lipstick. The results were gorgeous – totally unique and completely customisable – we could go easy on the eyeliner for a more subtle depth, or layer it on like cray and end up with deep, dark lips with a subtle red sheen.

Ooh la la! This eye liner had glitter in it, giving us an almost opalescent effect.



Maybe it’s just us but we found that rocking a dark lip – when we could get there – made us feel ah-mazing. Nothing quite says ‘attitude’ than a just-shy-of-black shade. It’s one for the brave… but hey, we like our lips to speak volumes – even when our mouth is closed!