Pepe’s Grill – Now Open

If the variety of restaurants at Market Place isn’t enough to whet your appetite, we’ve welcomed another great restaurant to The Vaults.

Pepe’s Grill has joined Nandos, Prezzo, Great Ale and GBK – serving up a vast selection of chicken dishes and home-made gourmet burgers in a casual dining setting. Choose from  flame grilled chicken, in a variety of guises – served with your choice of sides, to chicken burgers, beef burgers, pittas, salads… and a dessert menu to die for! (We recommend the waffles – freshly made to order with a selection of awesome ice cream toppings…)

Tipped to be Bolton’s favorite dish – Pepe’s Espetada, delivers an exotic blend of tender chicken pieces and grilled vegetables, crammed into a 9 inch hanging skewer. We don’t know about you but we were hooked at ‘tender chicken’…

Veggies fear not! Pepe’s vegetarian options don’t scrimp on flavour… from the Paneer wrap to the Falafel and Spinach burger – each as mouth-watering as the next.

In a hurry and want to take out? Pepe’s have thought of app-solutely everything! Download their app to pre-order your meal, and you’ll be in and out in a flash!

Hand’s up who’s popping in to Pepe’s then?! ☝