Skin Savers for Him

It’s true; the winter months put your skin through the elements. Everyday factors including icy blasts of wind and scorching central heating temperatures can be very tough on your skin, so it’s no time to be neglecting a regular and healthy routine. In these colder climates, it’ll be likely that your skin will become dry and chapped and be screaming for some great quality moisturising products… especially if you’ll be painting the town red for party season! We’ve put together a list of our favourite grooming products, which promise to work wonders this winter… and they’re perfect stocking fillers for him!



Quick and sudden changes in temperature can be the main cause of dry skin. So, when it seems like a great idea to hop into a steamy shower after a long chilly day, think about using an intensely and deeply moisturising body wash, to save yourself from flakiness. Dove’s Men+Care Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash (£3.79, Boots) is designed with a micro­-formula to lock in long-lasting moisture as you shower leaving you feeling comfortable and fresh all day, every day.  


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We totally understand it’s important to keep your perfectly sculpted stubble in check, but dashing a sharp razor across your face each morning can contribute to soreness and discomfort, ­ particularly on overly dry skin. Using a high quality, deeply nourishing and fast absorbing moisturiser should be essential to man’s routine, regardless of skin type. We recommend L’Oreal Men Expert Highly Intensive Moisturiser (£8.50, Boots) as an everyday must-­have. The formula takes action against everyday wear and tear and promises 24 hours of hydration and protection, to leave your face smooth, soft and energised – perfect for the morning after your office Christmas party!    


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Although you might think you’re looking windswept and wonderful, those freezing blast of wind are stripping your hair of Keratin and making it dull and lifeless. Add that all important sleek shine and bounce back in, by using a nourishing, deep cleansing product, such as Aveda’s Men’s Pure­formance Shampoo (£18, Debenhams). Packed full of essential oils, this formula actively works to reduce dry and itchy scalps and to provide lasting shine after each use.      


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One of the most generally neglected factors in the male routine is the lips. Just like the rest of your skin, lips can become uncomfortably chapped. Keep a lip salve, such as Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Lip Balm (£9, Debenhams), handy at all times and apply little and often to rescue any tightness or dryness. As an added bonus, the Kiehl’s balm gives your lips full protection, without the giveaway shine or fruity flavourings!  


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