‘Structure’ at Neo:gallery27

Whether you’ve got a soft spot for textiles or innovative art, you might want to check out “Structure” – the first contemporary textile exhibition to be held at Neo:gallery27 at Market Place, starting on 7th April 2016. It’s the collaborative effort of eleven different artists, showcasing works in thread, textiles and mixed media and the exhibition aims to push the boundaries of traditional textile techniques to a more innovative level and enhance the understanding of textiles as an art-form.


Taking inspiration from the all-encompassing notion of structure, the newly formed textile art collective eleven will be presenting a diverse body of work that touches on the physiological, psychological and environmental aspects of this concept. The exhibition runs until 29th May, so there is plenty of time to view the collection, but enthusiasts who fancy getting in early can enjoy a private viewing from 2-4pm on Saturday 9th April.


The collective is made up of Textile Society award winners and Embroidery Guild graduates who met while exhibiting at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitch Show. Members include Laura Jane Anderson, Bella May Leonard, Susan Syddall, Gwyneth Depport, Sian O’Doherty, Amy Smerdon, Jo Smith, Sally Spinks, Julie James Turner, Bethany Walker and Judith Watson.