Sunshine prep for your skin

With the promise of sunshine next week (Oh yes! You read that right!) and temperatures soaring into the high teens, it goes without saying that we’re all sure to be shedding a few layers next week. But if, like us you’re a little panic stricken about baring your pins after what feels like an eternity undercover, fear not! We’ve got it covered!

After a winter like we’ve just had, your skin is bound to be a little dry and flaky, so before you go exposing it for the world to see, it might be wise to show it a little TLC.

First step: exfoliate! The humble exfoliation mitt is your friend for this task – head to Boots for their Soap & Glory Exfoliating Scrub Gloves or The Body Shop for their Natural Hemp Mitt and get scrubbing! The Body Shop’s range of exfoliating cream body scrubs are the perfect back up to slough away dead cells and leave your skin silky smooth and soft.

Next step: Tan. As any girl knows, there’s quite an art to fake tanning. The most important thing to remember (apart from the first step mentioned above) is to invest in a tanning mitt, because however tempting it is to use your hands, you’re guaranteed to get dodgy tan marks all over them – no matter how well you think you’ve washed them.

Selecting your tan can be a minefield but The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze collection is your go-to for natural, ethical products. Their tinted leg mist is perfect for a flawless tan in minutes, while their drops of sun, combined with your regular moisturiser can provide that instant ‘just stepped off the plane’ glow and their shimmering dry oil, does what it says on the bottle! Alternatively you can head to Boots or Debenhams for your favourite tanning brands including St. Tropez, Ambre Solaire, No7, L’Oreal, Fake Bake and more.

We sense a pamper weekend coming on…