The Guide To: Savvy Sale Shopping

Whether you’re a researcher who has a sale wish-list to tick off, an impulse shopper with a ‘grab and go’ approach or a loyal label lover, you should be up to date on all there is to know about being the most savvy sales shopper around. Look no further than our here advice to own the shop floor, this sales season. Wait, is that a bargain we hear?



“I really shouldn’t, but I want to” – said every sale shopper ever. The point is, it’s on sale, so you can go right ahead and buy it without the guilt. Take this chance to give yourself a serious wardrobe upgrade and increase your style game, for just a fraction of the original price.

Keep a cool head and don’t get caught up in the shop floor frenzy; take your time to seek out the luxurious fabrics such as cashmere or silk. By investing in something usually a bit pricier, you’re sure to leave with some long-lasting favourites, without breaking the bank!



We agree, 5am is very, very early. But you know what they say: the early bird catches the worm.

Now, to put that into sale context, it’s true, the early risers get the pick of the pack and leave with bundles of successful sale satisfaction, before everyone else begins to stir. Have you been keeping your eye on that perfect item for months, dreaming about the day you’ll get your hands on it in the sale? Well, these dreams might not come true unless you’re planning on heading down early! Avoid the deep disappointment that comes with the words ‘SOLD OUT’ and be there for when the doors open. That way, you’ll be able to browse whilst the rails are still orderly and you’ll have the rest of the day to spend admiring your pretty purchases.



Have you ever found the most perfect dress, with a flattering cut, figure-hugging fit and fabric to die for, just waiting for you on the rail? You’re in amazement that you have come across such a find and you’re convinced it’s fate, you must buy immediately! And then… just before you march to the till, purse at the ready, you take a quick glimpse at the tag and realise that it’s not your size.

Before the disappointment settles in, you attempt to find a solution in your mind that will unite you and the dress – “I’ll get it altered; maybe if I add a cute belt it’ll fix it; I’ll buy it now and hope that it will fit in a few months!” Yes, we have all been there.

There’s one easy rule to abide when sale shopping that will save you from falling for that special item that just isn’t meant for you: shop by size. It sounds so simple when you think about it. We totally understand that when you’re in the midst of the sale madness and clothes are flung everywhere, it’s easy to get caught up in the grab-and-dash. Think tactically and head for your size rail that promises to let you leave with bags and bags full of beautiful bargains.



Now is the time to grab the deals which will mean the most. So, stock up on those all-important essentials which will never fade from the fashion focus. We’re talking the wardrobe winners which promise not to let you down, time after time, year after year.

Think LBD’s, the perfect pair of jeans and nude shoes to finish off every outfit, just to name a few. Versatile garments are the foundations to spot-on style. With outfits that are so on-point, who would notice that you wore the same jeans yesterday?