The Lion King comes to The Light

Are you ready to see Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa and the rest of the pride like you’ve never seen before?

The wait is almost over because this year’s most eagerly anticipated live action remake of the Disney classic opens at The Light cinema, Bolton on 19th July and we’re getting set to celebrate!

Also coming up at The Light…

With an all-star cast, The Queen’s Corgie is a cute and heart-warming tale of one of Her Majesty’s beloved pet’s journey to find his way home. Now showing.

Celebrating 20 years since its original release, The Light is set to host two special screenings of The Matrix on 12th and 17th July.

Exploring whether our lives are determined by fate or the random events of the universe, ‘The sun us also a star’ is this summer’s must-see love story. Released Friday 9th August.