Unleash Your Inner Sea Queen

Gone are the days of the Golden Goddess! The reign of the Sea Queen has begun! Ditch your glinting golds and warm brassy copper eyeshadows ladies, and start investing in the new hit beauty trend of SS17 – Mermaid eye makeup! Embrace the ocean this summer whether you’re near it or not with endless blues, glorious greens, dreamy lilacs, and shimmering creams. This wave-making beauty trend will have you falling back in love with the mythical creature from your childhood all over again.

For those with a busy lifestyle and barely time to create the perfect smoky eye in the morning, don’t worry! You’re about to give the classic winged eyeliner a cheeky seaside twist. Swap your midnight black for a bright deep blue or better yet, a glorious green and do your thang. You’ll be on trend within moments with eyes as mesmerizing as a siren of the sea.

For those with more time on their hands it’s time to whip out those shimmering greens, purples, blues, and creams. You don’t need to build the colour if you don’t want too, simply apply as much as you’d like, in order to create YOUR perfect mermaid eye look.

And here’s how you do it – just like your normal smoky eye only different colours:

Step 1 – It’s time to get blue. Apply your blue eyeshadow on to your lid and use this as a base colour. Make sure to blend out gently.

Step 2 – Apply your shimmering green eyeshadow along your lower lash line gently, always make sure you use your lighter colour below your eye and in the inner corners.

Step 3 – If you fancy it, apply some purple to the far corners of your eye and blend gently across your crease to create a subtle smoky eye effect.

Step 4 – Grab that pearlescent cream and gently dab a little in to the corners of your eyes. This will draw the light and really make your eyes pop!

Step 5 – It’s time to add a little bit of sparkle! Now the amount you choose to add is completely up to you as you should be using shimmering eyeshadows, but if your eyes seem a little matte to you, feel free to apply as much glitter as you want. Dab a little glitter on the centre of your eyelid to add a bit of shimmer and glimmer. A bold swipe of dark green or electric blue eyeliner can also really jazz up your mermaid look!

And there you go! Mix up your everyday look up this summer with Mermaid eye makeup and see where it takes you!




  • Urban Decay ‘Heavy Metal’ glitter eyeliner – £15.00, in:
    • Amp
  • Urban Decay ‘Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear’ liquid eyeliner- £17.00, in:
    • Chaos
    • Deep End
    • Rush
    • Ectasy


  • Urban Decay – ‘Jean-Michel Basquiat-Tenenat eyeshadow palette’ -£35.00
  • Kat Von D – ‘Chrysalis’ eye shadow palette – £37.00
  • MAC Cosmetics – ‘Eye Shadow x 9: Tropic Cool Times Nine’ eye shadow palette – £22.50