Welcome Wallis!

Diversity is our middle name at Market Place and we like to think we’re continually spreading our wings on that score! Which is why we’re pleased to announce the opening of a brand new Wallis concession in Debenhams (opens Thursday 10 March).


We know! This is great news for ladies who long for distinctively designed clothes with current styling and youthful attitude…

Their spring collection is fresh and feminine, with floral influences evident throughout and lace delicately adorning the rails. They’re keeping up with the latest trends, with key pieces including the jumpsuit, pinafore, shirt dress and shift dress and colours like khaki, black, white and blush tones dominating the season’s collections.

So get your shopping shoes on and check it out next time you’re in town.





Disclaimer: While we try our best to ensure that items mentioned are in store at Market Place, we cannot always guarantee product availability at time of publishing.